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FruitenVeg is an accessories label based in NYC, specializing in whimsical handbags both fun and practical. With playful combinations of exotic faux leather, fluffy faux fur, unique prints, colors and textures, we challenge the traditional materialistic concept of luxury goods. Color is used vibrantly and adventurously to produce statement pieces that complete a uniquely fun and fashion forward look.


Coming from a background of leather craftsmanship we realized that as much as we like leather and fur we love animals more. We’ve decided to dedicate our efforts into creating non-leather luxury bags, that will bring a fresh angle to the exotics and fur bags niche. FruitenVeg - the never leather project, is our way of saying, hey, luxury bags don’t have to be made out of leather. If you mix high end craftsmanship with quality hardware, precise design and interesting materials, you got yourself a surprisingly fresh alternative.





We’re always sourcing the most sustainable materials that comply with our design vision. The imitation leather world is in great progress and new and exciting more sustainable options are constantly showing up. We always keep track of the developments wishing to combine those into new collections as soon as possible.



FruitenVeg handbags are constructed to minimize material waste and ensure high quality. The cut out portions of all our faux leather are used to create handles for the faux suede dust bags that arrive with all styles. That way we avoid most of our production wastage and allow our customers to use our dust bags not only for storage but as an everyday tote bag too.



Always on the search for new sleek eco leather and fluffy faux fur that are both attractive and pleasant to the touch. Our choice to focus on exotic skins and fur substitutes is simply because these are the classic foundations of luxury handbags.


Faux Leather

Our crocodile and snake embossed faux leather are made of PU (usually 100% Viscose with Polyurethane coating). Our plain faux leather is made of microfiber (Polyurethane based). The microfiber is assembled of tiny fibers fixed together in order to replicate the cell like structure found in animal leather and therefore feels and acts like leather both inside and out. The polyurethane used is mainly water based and solvent free. This is part of our ongoing commitment to animal and eco-friendly fashion. 

• It is important for you to know we NEVER use PVC due to its high toxicity.

Faux Fur

We source the best quality faux fur we can get, soft and fluffy to the touch. Our fur is 100% cruelty free although some find it hard to believe. It is made of a blend of Modacrylic, Acrylic, Polythene and/or Polyester. In case you’re still suspicious and want to make sure this is indeed faux-fur we encourage you to make a small test. Gently pull out a few hairs and burn them, you will find out that it curls up like plastic and smells like plastic just like it’s suppose to. Real fur, on the other hand, would have smelled like burned hair. It’s called the burn test.

Faux Suede

Many of our bags lining are made of gentle faux suede that feels soft and pleasant to the touch just as real suede. Faux suede is made of microfiber based on Polyester fibers. The rest of our linings are usually made out of nylon which is an infinitely recyclable material.




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